Terms and Conditions of Fire Door Sales and Fire Door Services

Safelincs provide quotations, products and services based on the information provided by the customer.

Supply of Fire Doors

When Safelincs quotes for a fire door we will provide a written specification for each door / door set. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the specification of the door quoted matches their requirements. If amendments to the specification are needed these must be provided in writing to Safelincs so that the quote can be updated accordingly.

By placing a Purchase Order the Customer confirms that the specification of the door quoted is correct.

Fire doors are manufactured to order and require pre-payment. Orders for fire doors can be cancelled or returned but Safelincs is not able to offer refunds once manufacturing has started.

Delivery to Site

Delivery lead times we specify for fire doors are estimates only.

Whilst we shall use our best endeavours to deliver the Products in accordance with specified delivery dates, delivery may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. We cannot be held liable for consequential damages if the delivery is delayed.

Delivery of doors will be to kerbside only. Please ensure you are able to move the doors to a suitable location. Please note that fire doors are very heavy and we recommend that at least two people carry a door together.

All Fire Door Services

All of our fire door services, such as surveys, repairs or installations are offered on the basis that the customer has taken adequate steps to ensure that the building structures containing the fire doors are fit for us to perform our services.

Safelincs is not responsible to identify or rectify hidden or open defects in wall or floor construction, e.g. if walls and floors are not built in line with Building Regulations or other standards. Safelincs is not required to repair uneven floor surfaces which could affect the correct operation of a fire door.

We may carry out an intrusive inspection prior to commencing works or when measuring up (with the customer’s permission) to identify any potential structural issues. Where we are not able to carry out intrusive inspection and defects are not visible at point of inspection, Safelincs cannot be held liable for the subsequently required remedial works on these pre-existing defects.

When removing architraves or carrying out other intrusive inspections Safelincs will not be responsible for any making good or remedial works.

In order to meet compliance and receive certification for installation works all fire doors must have appropriate frame and architraves, ironmongery, fixings and a door closer (minimum requirement). Safelincs will supply the products and services ordered but any components or services not ordered are the customer’s responsibility to supply / provide and install. Without all necessary components the fire door set cannot be fully certified by us to BM Trada standards. In such cases we will raise partial certification/documentation with the missing equipment noted. The customer is then responsible for fitting the missing equipment as necessary. Where the customer plans not to have certain components supplied and installed by Safelincs, Safelincs should be informed beforehand.

Our installers need to commence work upon arrival. If our staff are unable to commence work due to delays caused by issues such as, but not limited to, locked doors, waiting for an area to be cleared, electrical obstructions, etc. Safelincs charges a waiting fee of £60.00 + VAT per man per hour.

Fire Door Installations

Safelincs recommend the installation of full fire door sets (leafs and frames) but it is at the customer’s discretion whether or not they replace frames. Safelincs will install leafs in an existing frame only if that is explicitly requested by the customer.

Should you have a metal fire door frame you will need to disclose this information in writing prior to us booking in the installation appointment. Removing old metal fire door frames takes a lot of time, is more costly and causes significant damage to the wall and plasterwork. It is the customer’s responsibility to make good any damage after a metal frame has had to be removed.

Fire Door Frame Installations

When fitting or fixing fire door frames, Safelincs are responsible for the fixing and packing of any gap between frame and structural wall up to a maximum of 28mm. Safelincs might offer remedial work if the gap is larger than 28mm, however, this will be quoted as separate work and might not be carried out at the same visit. Please note that additional work is charged at £60 + VAT per hour. Should you have a metal fire door frame you will need to disclose this information in writing prior to us booking in the installation appointment. Removing old metal fire door frames takes a lot of time and causes significant damage to the wall and plasterwork. It is the customer’s responsibility to make good any damage after a metal frame has had to be removed.


If a job has to be paused for remedial works to be carried out (either by Safelincs or another party) Safelincs will charge the customer for the original service plus a re-attendance fee and any necessary travel / costs incurred.

Making Good

Please be aware that following the installation of a fire door, frame or architrave or any fire door hardware there may be a requirement for remedial works to the original walls as a result. Safelincs is not responsible for remedial work or decoration / re-decoration of any walls, skirting boards, flooring or ceilings. The costs associated with making good will be the responsibility of the customer and not of Safelincs.

Where architraves have to be rebated or the frame has to be made narrower because the frame has been measured incorrectly by the customer, the customer will be liable for the additional time and costs.

Disposal of old Fire Doors and Frames

Disposal of removed old fire doors and frames are not included within the cost of the install. Removal and disposal can be quoted separately. Please inform Safelincs of any requirements for removal prior to the appointment being booked.

General Customer Obligations

Please provide us with free parking space for the duration of our visits to your site within a 250m radius of the site. If you are unable to offer free parking, we may pass any parking charges to you. Please notify us prior to quotation if our installers are not able to park within 250m.

We require a safe working environment, good lighting and free access to electricity and toilet facilities to enable us to complete works.

In the event of access being required to neighbouring land it will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that access is granted.

The customer is responsible for any necessary planning permissions for the works. If the Property is a listed building, is situated within a conservation area, an area of outstanding natural beauty, a national park or the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads or subject to direction under Article 4 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 ("Order"), you will need to make the necessary application to the relevant authority in respect of the Works.

If the customer has not sought the necessary planning permission and the property is situated within a conservation area, an area of outstanding natural beauty, a national park, the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads or is the subject to a direction under Article 4 of the Order we shall assume without any further enquiry, that the Property is not subject to any such restrictions. We accept no liability whatsoever in the event of enforcement or other action by any person, statutory body, local authority or any other such body if it turns out to be the case that the relevant consents should have been obtained.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we do not undertake to re-site any gas, electrical wiring, plumbing or telephone installations, which may be necessary for us to carry out our obligations under the Contract. The customer must make suitable arrangements for any such re-siting to be carried out prior to our commencement of the installation of the Products. If our work cannot be carried out due to such delays we will have to charge for re-attendance.

Any information about PPE or safeguarding requirements for the customer site should be provided prior to the commencement of works.


Manufactured Goods

Whilst every attempt is made to eliminate the expansion and/or shrinkage of fire doors and frames, Safelincs cannot be held liable for movement within the products as they are manufactured from natural materials and environmental issues can cause expansion or shrinkage that are out of our control.

If product faults are found on the door leaf or the frame within 5 years from install we will repair, or at our discretion, replace items free of charge.


Where doors/frames are delivered to site, the goods should be inspected by the Customer upon delivery. Please check the condition of the package before signing for the receipt of the goods. If damage can be seen on the outer packaging, this must be noted on the delivery note and on the copy for the carrier. Damaged deliveries can be refused without signing. Once received and signed for as received without damage, any transport or handling damage is the responsibility of the customer.

If you find the transport damage after the carrier has left, please inform Safelincs instantly at firedoors@safelincs.co.uk. If the claim is made on the same day as the delivery, we will still accept liability. Failure to note damage might affect replacement or refund from us for items damaged in transit.

Fire Door Accessories

Where accessories have been supplied standard product warranties for these products apply.


Fire Door Services can be cancelled up to 4 weeks prior to the visit without incurring a charge, otherwise the full charge applies. Cancellations must be made in writing to servicing@safelincs.co.uk.

To cancel an order for a Fire Door or any components of a Fire Door Set you must inform firedoors@safelincs.co.uk as soon as possible so that we may check the progress of production. Once manufacturing has started we are unable to provide a refund.