Be Aware

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The Silent Killer

Carbon Monoxide has no colour, smell or taste and cannot be detected by the human senses.

It is also extremely dangerous, binding itself to the haemoglobin in red blood cells and preventing them from transporting oxygen around the body.

Be Prepared

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A Breath of Fresh Air

The immediate reaction to anyone experiencing the potential symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning should be to get them outside and into fresh, clean air.

Stay out of the building, warn neighbours and call for help.

Be Pro-active

Fitting Carbon Monoxide detectors in your house ensures that you are warned if the deadly gas is present. A detector should be placed in rooms where CO could be produced. 

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The Danger Next Door

So, you've fitted a detector near your boiler, you've had your appliances checked by an engineer, you're safe right? Wrong.

Carbon Monoxide can seep through walls making it essential that your neighbours also understand the risks.

Real Life Stories

Stories about carbon monoxide poisoning from real people who have been effected by effected by this silent killer.

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Always use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

When having gas appliances installed or serviced always use a Gas Safe registered engineer and always check their ID card.

For more information about finding a Gas Safe Registered engineer in your area and how to check their ID card please see the Gas Safe Register website.