Know What to do if Your CO Alarm is Activated

Knowing what to do if your carbon monoxide alarm is activated could save your life. Never ignore a carbon monoxide alarm.

Steps to Stay Safe

If you hear a carbon monoxide alarm or suspect there is a carbon monoxide leak you should follow these steps.

Open Doors & Windows

Open as many doors and windows as possible to allow fresh air to circulate and reduce the concentration of CO.

Turn Off Appliances

Turn off and stop using all the appliances that you suspect could be causing the carbon monoxide leak.

Evacuate the Property

Get everybody, including pets, out of the property as quickly as possible and leave doors and windows open behind you.

Seek Medical Advice

If anyone is suffering from the symptoms or effects of carbon monoxide poisoning seek medical advice immediately.

Contact Your Fuel Supplier

You should contact the relevant authority or association for your fuel type using their emergency contact number.

Inform Your Neighbours

Let any adjoining neighbours know about the alarm becasue carbon monoxide can seep through walls floors and ceilings.

Don't go back Inside

Don't go back into the propery untill it has been properly checked and verified safe to enter by a certified professional.

Don't use your Appliance

Don't use the affected appliance until it has been checked and certified as being safe by an approved engineer.


(doc:546 V1.0). Our articles are reviewed regularly. However, any changes made to standards or legislation following the review date will not have been considered. Please note that we provide abridged, easy-to-understand guidance. To make detailed decisions about your fire safety provisions, you might require further advice or need to consult the full standards and legislation.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Many people are unaware of the devastating effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide has no colour, smell or taste and cannot be detected by the human senses. It is extremely dangerous, binding itself to the haemoglobin in red blood cells and preventing them from transporting oxygen around the body.


Estimated Number of Deaths Every Year

According to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics, throughout England and Wales, there are an average of over 60 deaths every year due to accidental exposure to carbon monoxide - up to 45% of which occur in the home.

Source: ONS, User Requested Data, Refs 006780, 007476 & 009122


People Treated for CO Poisoning Every Year

Figures from the Department of Health and Social Care show that there are around 4000 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning treated in A&E Departments across England each year - even mild cases can exacerbate existing conditions such as respiratory illnesses, leading to fatalities.

Source: Department for Health and Social Care


Number of People Hospitalised Every Year

According to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, around 200 per year are hospitalised in England and Wales as a result of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Source: Department for Health and Social Care


Percentage of UK Households with a CO Alarm

A study of more than 27,000 properties by the Liverpool John Moores University, supported by the Merseyside and West Midlands Fire Services, found that less than 10% of homes have a single carbon monoxide alarm to protect occupants from this deadly gas.

Source: Liverpool John Moores University

Share Your CO Story

We share real-life stories of our customers to help raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide. Hearing about a near miss can sometimes prompt you to think about your own situation and may highlight a risk within your own home.

If you share your CO story with us, and it is posted on our website, we will give you a free carbon monoxide alarm. Help us spread the word and save lives.


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